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Unfortunately, sometimes a tooth just cannot be saved and an extraction is necessary. The most likely causes for tooth extractions result from periodontal disease, extended decay, or injury – with wisdom teeth commonly being pulled because of impaction or infection. There are two types of extractions, simple and surgical, and both are among the most common procedures performed in dental offices today.

Simple extractions are the minimally invasive option, performed on teeth that are visible within the mouth, and usually only a local anesthetic is required. The tooth is rocked back and forth, using special dental tools, until the periodontal ligament is loose enough for the tooth to be pulled out using forceps.

Surgical extractions are used when the tooth has been broken or remains completely or partially below the gum line. Surgical extractions usually require a general anesthetic as one or more incisions are usually needed to gain access to the problem tooth. After the extraction is performed, whether simply or surgically,  you then have a few options for replacing the missing tooth, options that Dr. Lefort will discuss with you in detail but which include crowns, bridges, and implants.

Though some extractions are more complicated than others, most can be performed in a single office visit with only local anesthesia required. Although some specific hygienic instructions are given to be followed for a couple days after the procedure, patient’s generally continue normal activities immediately and pain medication is usually not necessary.

Come see us if you are experiencing a toothache or pain in your jaw or gums. When looking for Fort Myers extractions, consider Dr. Raymond Lefort, Southwest Florida’s leading dentist.