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A veneer is a thin layer of material that is placed over a tooth to either improve upon its appearance or protect the tooth from damage, and can either be permanent or non-permanent. In the past, the only method available to improve a tooth’s appearance was with a crown. Veneers are now available to provide the same result, but in a much less invasive and much more affordable manner.

Veneers are made from either porcelain or resin composite materials, both of which are stain resistant. In this sense, veneers do not only immediately improve upon the appearance of a tooth, but they also work to maintain and protect that appearance as well for years to come. Composite veneers can be built directly upon the tooth by your dental physician or they can be independently fabricated in an outside laboratory. Porcelain veneers can be fitted at your dental physician’s office, but can only be fabricated by outside manufacturers.

The permanence of your veneer depends on the materials used and its application. Permanent veneers are built directly onto the tooth in-office while non-permanent veneers are fitted in-office but built at outside laboratories. With both kinds of veneers, it is important to remember that veneers simply cover the underlying problem, they do not correct it, so veneers are often used in conjunction with other treatments. If you are interested in veneers, contact Dr. Lefort to discuss which option is best for you.

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