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Implants are used as supports for dental prosthetics, namely crowns, bridges, and dentures. The basis for this in dentistry is a process called osseointegration, in which the material of the implant (usually titanium) forms a bond with the patient’s jaw bone. The implantation is always given time to heal before the prosthetic is placed over it, assuming that the implant and bone have bonded properly to each other without complications.

After the implant and bone have bonded properly, an abutment is placed over the implant, which serves as an orthodontic anchor for any dental prosthetics to be used, such as a crown or bridge. Patients can decide whether to have a permanent or removable prosthetic placed over the implant, depending on their comfort and how they will be using the prosthetic.

Implants are often considered to be the best long-term option for replacing missing teeth, as the effects can often last the patient’s entire lifetime. Implants provide other benefits in that they do not wear on the adjacent teeth because the implant is fused with the patient’s bone and acts like a natural tooth. This protects the surrounding teeth from loss and in general protects the patient from bone loss, working to preserve their facial structure. Maintenance for implants is easy and can be integrated into the patient’s normal oral-care routine – implants are designed to act just like a patient’s natural teeth, and, as a result, will usually only deteriorate at a rate comparable to the patient’s other teeth, so special care is not typically needed.

Implants can be more expensive but the longevity of them does not usually require any further work, so the financial benefits can be rewarding over time. When looking for Fort Myers implants, consider Dr. Raymond Lefort, Southwest Florida’s leading dentist.